Touch me with four

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Passi

I's been years of dreaming of having sex and being taken by two mens. It must be a pleasure. Once when I was drunk, I confessed my dream to a male friend of mine. I knew he was very experimented and swinger addicted... He immediately got horny and proposed to meet... I was still hesitating and getting blushed every time I'd see him.... One evening we met again, I had 2 glasses of champagne and I got very excited by the idea of having sex with him and with a stranger... Finally he took me to his house and made a mysterious phone call. We ended up in his bedroom and after a few minutes a 2nd man entered the room ... One man in front of me.. One behind me... 4 hands teasing me... Two tongues licking me... Wow... I get crazy by only thinking about it... I love good friends