Topping From The Bottom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alisha W

I love powerplay, and submission, but I hate how its depicted. And I hate the disdain for 'topping from the bottom' - Where the submissive partner retains their control and autonomy. I don't get off on submitting, being used, or treated badly. I get off on entrusting my partner to make me on an intense sexual experience, they know what I like, what I don't, They know exactly how far to go, Everything we do, we have discussed and explored together before. I am never scared, I feel excited, I can enjoy the sensation of being bound, and spanked, and moved about, with complete freedom and comfort. I have no hesitation, I can relax. I feel how desirable I am, I feel his enthusiasm. I feel sexual freedom in the purest form in the privacy of our bedroom, with my partner I trust implicitly. I am not giving myself over to him, instead he dedicated himself to my experience. As a filmmaker myself, I see this scene playing out as a passionate bondage bdsm scenario between two lovers. Whats important to me is the opening build up, cutting together vingettes of the couple exploring and building up to the place where the scene takes place. Talking in bed together about fantasies, the women talking her partner through her comfort - telling him exactly how tight a collar must be to still be safe, while he helps her try it on, another shot of Laughing as he tries spanking her, moving his band to show him the exact right spot; "here! she says" "..and a little bit harder" he smacks her, she groans lightly and tells him "yes, exactly like that! no harder". In a sex shop they shop together, they browse and talk about what they like. She asks him to pick out an outfit, "really? Im telling you what to wear now" he smirks. She tells him its alright, she wants him to do it. "I'll would tell you if I hate it". Later, before the main scene, they are home together. He asks if she is busy, she replies no. He hugs her from behind, and starts kissing her neck. He whispers to her .. Do you want to play? She smiles. "I would love that!". He tells her to go get ready for him, and she smilies excitedly as she hurries away. In the bedroom she pulls out toys, and collars, she selects what she wants. And lays everything they need out, turns on music. Her male partner walks in a few minutes later, and finds her in a fetish outfit, in full sub mode. The scene would continue with him giving her firm instructions, watching her pleasure herself for him, undress for him, she smiles all along, clearly aroused. He is never degrading, or unkind, he praises her, tells her how beautiful she is and how lucky he is to have such a loyal pet, tells her whats good girl she is. She calls him her master. The scene would progress, to oral and full intercourse. At the end I want to see the act drop. They go back to couple mode, and praise each others performance.