Too Hot to Handle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lexi

I have been on and off dating the man in my life for 8 years- we always come back to each other, the sex (slow, fast, hard, soft, tender, all kinds) is amazing. He is a firefighter, and though it scares me to know what he does, it always turns me on to think of him sweaty, dirty, in his uniform taking an axe to a door. I have a lot of fantasies about him in uniform- and I recently learned he can have visitors on shift at work. A lot of girlfriends/wives visit the station, and it is pretty regular that couples will have sex in the sleeping area. This has fueled a fantasy about him and the rest of the men on his crew- gang banging me in the station on my first visit. I am not a housewife type, but maybe I'm bringing some cookies or chili, something super "housewifey". I like doing these things for him. All the guys know about from what my man has shared- and they all want me because of it. Him and I are laughing as he gives me a tour, and he finally brings me to the sleeping quarters. We start getting it on, and another firefighter on the crew walks in, and another, and another. They are all admiring me, and start pleasuring me, pleasuring each other. I cum over and over again- the last time with my guy. The bell goes off and they all leave on a call, leaving me sweaty and dripping in the bunk, recovering from the best sex of my life with the entire station.