To be Worshipped

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jane Z

The scene is set with me topless, wearing some sheer wrap around skirt, bound to a stone column -- think roman or greek temple or courtyard. I am alone and blindfolded, but one by one, people (I think men, but could be a bisexual scene) enter and approach. One by one they begin to play with my exposed nipples. My original idea was that each person would be sort of competing to see which one I liked the most and then I would take that person to be my lover for the day. But this scene really just evolved into a group scene with 2-3 people teasing, sucking, pinching my nipples and then one person focusing on bringing me to climax by playing with my pussy. Could be oral, digital, PIV... The main part of the scene is being at the center of the attention, bound with ropes, and then pleasured by more than one person in a beautiful outdoor location.