Time Travel

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hebs

I’m a nerd so I like science fiction movies. I also have a lot of sexual thoughts. I enjoy how science fiction can explore possibilities and solutions.

One of the most common fantasies among men is to have multiple women in bed at the same time. Even among more open-minded women there are often concerns regarding how adding an outside sexual partner could impact the relationship going forward after the encounter. The theoretical possibility of post-coital jealously or insecurities if he spends too much time on the additional woman or resentment if he isn’t allowed to interact that much with her, causes many to never attempt it.

And if the 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th…, etc. women were all the same woman?

One of the main frustrations for women is that unfortunately too many men become less: energetic, passionate, connected and engaged as soon as they ejaculate. It shouldn’t happen, but too often it does, and this doesn’t only apply to vaginal penetration, too many men are just less present and engaged in all the other ways he could be giving her pleasure.

What if she could always return in time to exactly the beginning of the sexual encounter? Return as many times as she wanted? All the other naked women present would also be her from an hour (or two or three) earlier (or later). No provocation for jealousy, no need afterwards to be concerned about whether he has thoughts about another woman. Since they are all the same woman there is no need for one woman to wonder if another is criticizing her, and if they begin any woman-on-woman interaction it is merely a more creative form of masturbation. For him this is better than the twin fantasy because they are all exactly the same woman and for her the encounter can take as long as she needs.

As the couple becomes more experienced, they can then attempt different variations on the two-person orgy where multiple males interact with one woman (sometimes returning after only waiting for a refractory period, or in other cases separated by years or even decades). The fantasy ends with the adventurous couple renting the largest possible room at a beach hotel and using time travel to completely fill that room with dozens of themselves.