Time for Submission

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

You enter the apartment and proceed directly to the bedroom. You disrobe immediately, as per the instructions.
On the bed are displayed two sets of blindfolds and scarves – one blue, one white, your favourite colours. You choose the blue set, and put on the blindfold.

You lay on your back on the bed, arms and legs spread eagle. The room is comfortably warm, dimly lit, with very soft mellow music playing in the background. You are comfortable, but extremely excited, and very nervous. But you want very badly to do this.

You hear me walk softly into the room. You sense I am close to the bed. You are still nervous about whether you can go through with it, but then you feel a scarf being tied gently around each wrist and ankle, and then stretched somewhat tightly to each corner bedpost.

Your excitement reaches a fever pitch, and I haven't even touched you yet. You are very moist, already. You think I must realise how excited you are, and feel very self-conscious. But your body is aching to be taken.

You involuntarily gasp when you feel the slightest bit of penetration between your legs. Is it my finger? The tip of my cock? Your opening expands and with your body tied down into such a vulnerable position, your arousal peaks. You pray it is my cock between your legs because you need it inside you badly.

But I don't think you want it badly enough. With a shock, you feel simply my tongue licking your very swollen clit. Delicately, sensitivity, insistently. On and on and on as I bring your arousal to a pitch you have never felt before. Your breath is heavy and rapid. Sweat has broken out on your brow, and between your breasts. Your nipples are hard.

Your body strains against its bonds. It wants to engulf me in passion. But you are forced to submit fully and that makes you desperate for climax.

“Fuck me! I beg you!” Your fervent plea breaks the quiet of the room. And that is when I drive my cock deep inside of you. Again and again and again, and with each thrust I remind you why you came here in the first place.