Tie me up and send me to heaven

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Daffodil

I come home from work, my man waiting for me. As I enter the door he pins me to he wall, grabs me by the legs and starts to kiss me passionately. All my stuff thrown on the floor, he orders me to go to the bedroom. He takes off all my clothes in a dominant yet sensual way. He ain't playing games.
He gets the ropes out.
Slowly ties me up, enjoying every singe second of it, whilst he lets me boil on inside with arousal.
Ties my hands and legs. I'm helpless while he kisses and bites my whole body.
Makes me suck his cock, fucks me, turns me around, fucks me some more, eats my pussy... road trip to heavenly hell.
Upon reaching the point of no return, he gently unties me. The perfect ending. Not a single word. Breathless.