Tie me up, Mr Carpenter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By eileendubois

My boyfriend is a carpenter, and I am a carpenter/sculptor who was helping him out in his big, dusty, lovely old wood shop. He was concentrating so hard on planing a board, and I kept getting so turned on seeing him sweat in his shirt, running his hands along his work. His soft-spoken, sweet manner combined with his strong, hairy, muscular body is so insanely attractive to me, the best of femme and masc energies. When I could stand it no longer I leaned back against the table and pulled him into me, kissing him deep until I could feel his cock get completely hard against my thigh. After making out for a while he pulled a rope out from under the table and said ... ‘I’d like to tie you up with this some time.’ Neither of us had ever tried bondage before and the idea drove me wild — I begged him to tie me up right then and there. With a devilish smile he told me if I was a very good girl he would tie me up later, gave my ass a playful slap, and got back to work. In delightful agony, I stole grasps at his pants and snuck kisses whenever he would let me while we finished the woodworking. He took me straight home and tied me up confidently, his knowledge of knots and attention to detail taking over immediately while he calmly and steadily tied my wrists above my head, tied my legs together. I begged him to play with me until finally he put his hands behind my ass, lifting my hips off the bed, bringing my clit right to his mouth. By this time I was moaning so loud I was practically screaming, and couldn’t help but cum right away while he skillfully sucked my clit just the way I love it. His cock was completely hard from seeing me all tied up and moaning for him, so he untied my legs, held my still-tied hands above my head, and kissed me hard while he undressed and started fucking me. I could not stop cumming, again and again that night, still wild from his sweat-soaked white shirt over his muscles, his strong sexy confidence in tying me up for the first time ever.