Tie Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheRopeArtist

I admit that I’ve always been into bondage, but only recently did I discover that it is an art form in itself, from a photo exhibition I saw recently. I loved the beauty of the rope bound around the woman that I saw in these photographs. I had a growing curiosity. I wanted to explore this desire, so I joined a workshop to learn how to tie. Surprisingly, I discovered the workshop wasn’t taught by a man (which is apparently normally the case in the male dominated Shibari world) but by a woman. A woman who was so unassuming, and intriguing. Her energy and allure captured me and I had to concentrate not to get a hard-on. My curiosity about Shibari as an art instantly changed into a sexual fantasy when I saw her. But I didn’t want to tie her, I wanted her to tie me, for the first time in my life. I wanted to be in her ropes. I wanted to be in her hands.