Tickle Torture

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dark Knight

I am tied up. A young woman is brought in and laid on a bed in front of me. She is bound to the bed as well and then two woman oil her naked body and begin tickling her. The sight of her squirming and helpless leaves me completely aroused.

Now a tall black woman enters and speaks over the shrieks that fill the room.

She tells us the rules of this game, if I can't control my orgasm I will trade places with this woman and it will be me that is tickled and tortured until she allows my torture to end.

I am aroused by the sight of her body as she bucks up and down and struggles but I am confident that I will not lose control completely. She can't win.

They turn to the helpless woman and stop tickling long enough to tell her you can stop this any time by simply shouting stop but if you do he wins and we will start again until he stops it.

She doesn't stand a chance. I am very aroused but of course it is the poor woman who can't control her body. I settle in now waiting for her to plead for them to stop and giving me control for the rest of the night.

Then the black women kneels in front of me and warns me once again you must not give in to your orgasm or she takes control of the game then she takes my hard cock in her mouth.

The room is filled with the rich laughter of the woman on the bed. I turn my head but out of the corner of my eye I can see her glistening body bucking and rolling and I sense her helplessness is gone and I can see a confidence in her eyes. I shout, "No, I can't. Please I can't hold it."