Ticket to Ride

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kozzi

When I was a school kid, there was a joke about a newly married couple on the train to their holiday destination. To keep it short, after the bride was able to discreetly sit on the groom's lap, after establishing that the other passengers were all going to the same destination, the groom was able to bounce her up and down a few times, exclaiming "We're all going to Blackpool!"
I have often fantasized about having sex in the carriage of a train. All those nice seats and racks to hold on to. And maybe being discovered by a ticket inspector... who goes to open the compartment door and then watches for a while before joining the action. This with the added excitement of everyone wanting to arrive at respective destinations before reaching the terminus... I have never seen any erotic scenes filmed on a train. Maybe it's time for us to correct that...