Thrills at Dinner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By UntamedRelease

The four of us haven't met up in ages so we're all looking forward to dinner in town. There's always a buzz when we meet up. An unspoken sense of knowing things could go anywhere. Tonight it's italian. Good food, better wine, great conversation. And now we hit on it.

"What's the sexiest thing you could do right now?"

The question hangs for a while. A couple of giggly suggestions of Magic Miking it on table tops, or playful kisses on the waiters cheek.

The conversation fizzes between us and the wine keeps flowing even as four become three whilst she visits the bathroom.

She's coming back now and resettled in her seat. Her eyes meet mine and calmly she reaches across the table, handing me her black, laced underwear.

"A memento" she tells me, "of how much fun we are to come out with".

"And an invite to ours if you want to stay over?"