Threeway Freeway in Prague

A Sexual Fantasy

— By matsu

He was a redhead British boy. She was a platinum blond Finnish girl. Me, a brown Brazilian girl. We were each traveling alone and happened to be staying at the same hostel in Prague that day. It was summer and we went out exploring the city together after meeting at breakfast. He had a fancy camera and we took turns taking pictures of the amazing sites and each other. The conversation was clicking and intimacy grew extremely fast. He was funny and strong and would touch and pick us up from the ground at any excuse. There was so much laughing.
First I thought she was competition. She was so hot and confident, how could I compare… But then gradually I noticed: in fact they were both competing for me. I remember I wore a short dress with a bare back. As the day went by my bare back was furtively touched by both. Soft caresses from her and indiscreet rubs from him. The sun was setting when - with the excuse of posing for a picture - she stole me the first kiss. By nightfall, we had all exchanged kisses and went back to the hostel where he invited us to his private room.
As we rushed up the stairs I remember not believing it was happening. I was somewhat younger than them and definitely less experienced. As soon as we entered the room they attacked me, stripping me, kissing me, licking me, sucking me everywhere. Her skin and mouth were the softest I had ever felt. He fucked me while she sucked my breasts. Then fucked her from behind while she went down on me. His dirty talk was arousing and It was a hot novelty for me to watch and listen to another woman’s moaning. He never seemed overwhelmed by the task of the two of us. His big cook kept hard forever, taking turns penetrating us while the extra set of hands and mouth intensified the pleasure.
The contrast of our skin and hair colours made it all beyond surreal. We fall asleep side by side in sweat. The live fantasy went on as we kept traveling together for almost a week. We lived a strong summer three-way passion until forced to part ways.