Three-way with a grand piano

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Klaymen Hoborgson

I have a fantasy to make a threeway with a grand piano.

I know it's sounds weird but I always found grand pianos, especially black ones super sexy.

And if it's possible - I want it in a huge concert hall. But empty - so it's just me, my girlfriend, and the grand piano.

Together, the three of us will make music, and love.

I am a pianist, you see. And both me and my girlfriend are singers.

The piano (on its own!) will play mozart La Ci Darem - and I - Don Giovannie - will sing to seduce my Zerlina.

In the end she will surrender and we'll engage in love - but the piano will keep playing. I'll throw her on its wing and take her, while the piano will keep playing - engaging in music that is only suitable to the love we'll make. and our operatic voices will keep singing - engaging in the sounds of pleasure.

The lights will dance too - oh yes. Like in a show - we'll be there on the stage for all the audience to see.

Please make it come true Erika Lust. You've restored my faith in erotic films and showed everyone that this could be a noble art, while done right.