Three days of Kamasutra

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RK

Growing up in a country which gave the famous treatise on sex The Kamasutra and having been influenced by Tantra, I have always believed in Slow-sex; taking it slow right from foreplay till trying all the positions in Kamasutra and not coming/not ejaculating and continuing to go on. Although I have explored this with a few of my girlfriends but I’ve been unable to find that ideal sex-mate who would explore with me to these lengths. I’m confessing here, my all time favourite fantasy where I meet this blonde lady, Caroline at a Travel Book Store and we have something in common, we both realised that we had the same quest of exploring and going to the lengths to have sex but without coming/ejaculating. Caroline was good, she tasted amazing and with the way she was responding to my touch, I think I was also not bad. Hours went by and we explored innumerable positions from Kamasutra including our favourite 69, but we decided not to come. So whenever she or I was almost there, we would use the word ‘tomorrow’ to warn us to stop. My wine collection of Pinot Noir’s came in handy, so we would break for wine, lying naked next to each other, talking about erotic literature and then we would again resume. We both did not realise that hours turned into days and we were having sex like there was no tomorrow; but we stuck to our resolve and never came. On the third day, finally we both decided that now we both needed to come to feel how it was to come inside of each other. It was magic!