Thong Boy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Celeste

I have a fantasy of having a submissive man. I’d like to have a boy I can play with, tease, use and drive crazy for my own pleasure. Most men are silent and dominant in sex, at least the ones I’ve met. I want a boy that moans and shows me how horny and needy he is. I want to strip him of his clothes and push his chest against the wall. I press my mouth on his neck breathing heavy, whispering all the nasty things I’m gonna do to him. I tie his hands to the wall and order him to spread his legs. I bring out a pair of black sexy thongs and make him put them on. He looks so delicate and vulnerable looking back at me with pleading, innocent eyes, aching his back to push out that thick little boy butt. He jiggles his butt and says to me with a shy yet horny voice "Please fuck me!" He brings out the animal in me and I bring my hand to his throat to lightly choke him while I start rubbing and grinding on his ass. It feels so incredibly good. I grab his dick and he moans with delight and it quickly grows rock hard at my touch. I jerk him off as I cum against his ass.