They watched us, wearing masks

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Midnighter_D

I place a blindfold on you and lead you into a room. I proceed to undress you down to your high heels. I place a leather collar on you to signify that you are mine. I then command you to raise your arms in the air and then bend your elbows so that your wrists are touching the back of your head.


Next, I walk around you, examining your curves, taking in your nakedness. I can see the anticipation on your face as you hear me circle around you. I touch your nipples, feeling them swell and puff in between my fingers. I hear you gasp. Your body starts to tremble as I squeeze harder. I say to you, "Be perfectly still. Do not move. Take the pleasure I am giving you."


You try to gather yourself, but before you can correct yourself fully, you feel my tongue licking your clit. It drives you wild. You moan with delight and ecstasy. Next, I bring your body down, placing you on your hands and knees. Then you feel me enter your pussy from behind. I go deep inside you. You try to jerk away, but I hold your body firmly in place, not allowing you to escape, forcing you to take my cock and receive the full measure of it.


You adjust, moving past the pain, and then you grip my cock with your pussy, demanding more and harder. I give it to you and you scream out, "OH SHIT! YES! FUCK ME!" I stroke you hard and fast. As your pussy begins to convulse, you feel a small lubricated dildo slide gently into your asshole. You scream in delight from the simultaneous penetration of your pussy and your ass. Your gyrations become even harder as you experience the combination of pleasure and pain. You start to cum.


Your dripping wet pussy violently convulses over and over as you have a series of orgasms. You fall limp, exhausted from the intense fucking. I kiss the small of your back and then I remove the blindfold. As your eyes adjust, you look up to see that there are several men and women in the room. All of them are wearing masks, so you don't know their identities. However, you do know that they were there the whole time, watching you get fucked.