Oh, then it was on

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Joseph Smith

I am a Nurse working at a remote rural Indian health clinic. Over the course of a year I was befriended by a mature married couple. The husband, a doctor, I’ll call him Brent and his wife a nurse, I’ll call Susan. We had a number of casual contacts and in retrospect of increasingly intimate nature. As his tenure at clinic was ending we mused about our future plans. They would be moving to Texas and I would be staying. We decided on a last night and a last dinner at my place and their words, “adult fun.” Hum, so I’m thinking watch a movie, play some cards, sure. So the dinner night comes around, we start early, I made a simple pasta dinner with fresh veggies and fruit and white wine. I don’t know if it was the wine the situation or by design but during the dinner the dialogue turned to our sex lives. Oh my, theirs was incredible. It was varied and due to their age long. They had been a couple since their twenties and had done many things singly and as a couple in a so called “open marriage.” At the time I was in a largely sexless marriage which they knew since this was not our first discussion on this issue. Now we had finished dinner put on a movie that we weren’t paying attention to. I was sitting between them as we talked and I perceived Susan’s hand on my thigh. This was no big deal to me we were all three health care providers an our personal boundaries were by nature very limited. So we were talking about our earliest sexual experiences and as a pretty plain looking individual I said I felt guilty at my relative lack of experience. I basically married the first person I ever had sex with and my dating life was abysmal. So during this time Susan’s hand is working its way to my groin and as thick as I am, there is no mistake this is no accident. So Susan asks if me or my partner had ever considered swinging. I said truthfully “ are you kidding, the only sex we have is at home, in our bed with the lights out and I could count on the fingers of one hand the times we had sex in the last year.” This had apparently made an impression. As Susan took the opportunity to grab my cock and Brent stated “ well, how about right here, right now.” Now I desperately wanted sex but as a person of low self esteem I said I didn’t want to have sex out of pity. Susan’s response was to take my hand and press it against her vagina while stroking my cock. I looked over worriedly at her husband and he said “go ahead, we already talked about this.” Ok, well at this point it was on. I don’t remember how long it took us to undress and I don’t remember everything we did but it was a night in which I experienced a level of ecstasy I had never before or since. One of many highlights was as I was penetrating his wife, he was looking over my shoulder to his wife. He whispered in my ear “I want to try something different.” At this point I was so high on ecstasy there were no boundaries in my mind. However, when I felt his cock on my anus I had a pretty good idea of what was up. I backed onto his cock out of his wife then we both thrust forward into her. We played around with different rhythms but the culmination was that I came so hard l literally fainted. I’m not kidding, I was out. We continued at a slower pace but not part company until morning. It was an incredible experience that I learned a lot about sexuality, relationships and what a marriage could be. It didn’t change anything in my own marriage but it was a life preserver of hope which sustained me for years.