The Woman of My Daydreams

A Sexual Fantasy

— By NeoTambourine

I'm a young Twenty-Something and have been fantasizing about a married co-worker who works at the Bar in the Hotel where I work. She's at least Ten Years older than me. Tall, Tan, with Long Raven Hair, Beautiful Amber Eyes that seem to hide some pain, and Tattoos up and down both Arms. After working with her over the past month I couldn't stop her from popping up in my fantasizes. Most of these would take place in a public area where risk of being caught was high.

One slow evening as she is closing the bar and I had clocked out, I decided I would finally make it known how I feel about her. I doubt that she would find a scrawny kid like me worth jeopardizing her Marriage, but there is only one way to find out. Success or Failure, I have to let her know how much time she occupies in my daydreams.

As I tell her about how I can't get her out of my head, I see her begin to blush. I came to find out that she had been fantasizing about me as well. We both had a little laugh about the whole thing and then...a pause that lasted for minutes as we eyed each other.

I still don't know who made the move first, but our lips met and body temperatures rose. She then began to whisper in my ear and told me the things she wanted me to do to her. Use my tongue to lick her body, pull her hair as I mount her from behind, hold her, spank her, fuck her until she screams.

She rubs her hand on my groin which is hardened to the point of almost bursting my erection through my clothes. I do the same to her and find that her pants are SOAKED, juices seeping through the fabric.

I'm overcome and act on pure animal instinct. I tear open her shirt, sending buttons to the bar floor and begin to fulfill her wishes (and my own).