The Wall and The Ritual

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lara

I have these two fantasies. Gang bang fantasies.

The first one is about me being stuck in a wall. It could be by accident, although if it really is a wall, then it's clearly intentional. I'm naked and stuck in there, and then fucked by many different guys. I can't see them, but they play with my lower body parts and take their pleasure, while giving me exactly what I'm craving too. They fight over who is first.

The other gang bang scenario takes place in a remote village and revolves around a sex ritual. I'm chosen as a 'sacrifice', but more like a vessel. As part of the ritual I have to take in the essence of every male in the village. It's preceded by ritualistic bathing and chanting, but then takes place over several nights, where I'm 'seeded' by all the men. They're wearing masks, covering their faces; some of them I know from around the village; a vendor, the grumpy postman, a couple of thugs and the sweet older dentist, but it doesn't matter who they are, as long as I fulfill my duty of taking them all inside me. Some are rough, others sweet and cautious.