The Virgin Submissive

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mrs. M

I'm a woman who is attracted to both genders. However, due to anxiety and lack of confidence I've never actually slept with a man. I've recently entered the world of BDSM with my girlfriend in the role of a timid submissive, with her as my dom. Now, my girlfriend's loving and sexy but my deepest fantasy is to finally experience a man, but with her there. I picture a man of both of our choosing taking me and showing me a whole different kind of pleasure with her there. Her watching, giving her pleasure from seeing him and I together and getting off while speaking dirty words and encouragement softly. My dominant telling me what a good girl I am and how well I'm doing. Her hands occasionally trailing across my skin while he thrusts. Her presence putting me at ease while he has his way with me, until we all reach a shuddering climax.