The Village

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hannah Solo

My fantasy is that my Dom orders me to undress, only leaving on some big earrings. He then puts a collar and leash on me and takes me for a walk through the village. I walk behind him naked, barefoot and mortified. The old people who are watering their gardens turn to stare at me. My Dom tells me to keep my head up high and not look at the ground.

He goes to sit at one of the little tables in the square to drink a coffee and orders me to kneel on the ground. He fondles my breasts, strokes my hair and calls me a good girl. The other customers look at me curiously, or try their best to ignore me, while he makes polite chitchat with some acquaintances.

One guy comes over and starts asking questions and making comments about me. My Dom orders me to stand up and bend over the table so he can show me to his friend. He fingers me, just to show his friend my reactions. He also makes me suck his dick, so the friend can understand what a good pet I am.

After that, my Dom becomes so horny that he takes me home as quickly as possible, holding me by my throat. he throws me on the bed and passionately fucks me.