The Unisex Shower

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nomoshex

After doing sport, what's better than to take a warm shower to clean yourself up and relax your muscles? As I finished playing Squash with some female friends of mine, these are exactly my thoughts as I'm about to enter the shower from what I believe to be the males' changing room. As I'm about to take off my sweaty boxer shorts, the door of the changing room opens and my 2 female friends, who I was playing Squash with, enter the room with all confidence one could have. I freeze because I wasn't prepared to strip down in front of my female friends, especially after sport, when my penis isn't in its best shape. I ask them, why they are in the males dressing room but they just laugh and look at me while taking off their tops. They walk towards me and take off my boxer shorts to inspect my nakedness. I tell them that I'm not feeling comfortable because of all the sweat while at the same time I get extremely aroused by being inspected by my own friends. They just laugh and keep inspecting my body, touching it and even smelling all my most private parts, telling me that I really should take a shower. They get completely undressed and pull me by my hair into the shower where they keep grabbing my body, especially my already erected penis and my ass and where they put me on all four under the water and start spanking my ass until it's red. They say that I don't deserve to fuck them but instead, I'll serve them as a licking slave, so while one of my friends keeps spanking my ass and jerking me off, the next one is pushing her ass into my face. I have to do a good job licking her vagina and asshole in order not to get my ass spanked too hard. They switch places several times and after both come, they walk out the shower, still looking at me on all my fours. I'm humiliated but happy. My friends get dressed quickly and are ready to leave while I'm still unable to move because of what just happened. As they walk out the door, they tell me to get dressed and see them outside, where they would be waiting in the car to drop me off at my house.