The ultimate tease

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jeff

I like the intimacy and trust of domination and submission. Usually I’m a dom, but I also like it when the roles are reversed and a girl is in control. A powerful woman who is in command and owns her sexuality is such a turn on! Being teased, and having someone else be in control of my pleasure is fun. In this scene the female will be naked, and have glasses on, with her hair in a high ponytail. She should tell the guy how to strip down naked. He has to do exactly as she says. If he deviates he gets spanked with a riding crop. After which he sits in a chair facing a mirror and is tied down by the dom. He teased and played with a bit, gets his nipples licked and sucked on in addition to other things. All things point towards getting a great blowjob. But the dom has something else in mind. She steps out of the room for 30 sec and comes back with a fleshlight turbo and water based lube. She decides to jerk him off with the fleshlight. She teases, talks dirty and messes around with him. She switches up the depth of the strokes and the pressure settings of the fleshlight. The guy is not allowed to cum until his dom lets him