The Stranger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sinner

I've never really identified myself as a bisexual, but as of late I've had more and more thoughts of a possible sexual encounter with another male. I remember once when my girlfriend mentioned while blowing me during foreplay that it could be really arousing to be fucked by another man while she gives me head and watches me moan with pleasure. As of late, this idea of another man joining us for sex has aroused me more and more. I would not be content with just having another man join us in casual heterosex either, no.

It would have to be a total stranger, but someone we'd get acquainted with over a few beers beforehand and be comfortable with. Cute, definitely. We could book a hotel room and bring him there with us where we could start off by me watching my girlfriend slowly undress the stranger and giving him head. I would soon join them, undressing and asking my girlfriend to lie down on the bed so I can eat her out while she continues pleasuring the stranger standing by the bed. At some point, the stranger could suck my pulsating cock together with my girlfriend, an idea that arouses me plenty - or, I could feast on the strangers cock with my girlfriend, her playing around with the balls while I drive him crazy doing stuff to him with my mouth that I love done to me. At some point, I would have the stranger bend over in front of me so I could lick and tease his asshole and perineum before lathering it with lube and slowly inserting myself inside him, all this while my girlfriend has moved beside us to watch me and the stranger go at it, enjoying the sight and pleasuring herself with her vibrator. We'd switch roles and I'd feel his cock rubbing my p-spot, making me finally explode all over myself, him starting to cum inside me, both of us moaning hard, cum staining my chest, my belly and the strangers hand he's simultaneously rubbing my cock with, the stranger cumming inside me - all this as I watch my girlfriend orgasming, climaxing hard by the sight of me and the stranger.