The Spice Routes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MisterATL

My wife is spectacularly curvy and delicious. We’ve been in the food business for years, and have become more and more passionate about trying to understand the inter-relatedness of cultures through food. In the last year or so, we’ve been more vocal about our fantasies, and have included BDSM and sex talk about gang bangs, party sex, and group play.

I decided to schedule a meeting of wine professionals, artisan bakers, spice importers, chefs, and specialty food retailers from around the world, and my wife could not be more excited about the event. What she doesn’t know is that this group is up for more than food and wine talk. A test kitchen tasting runs overtime, and I decide to turn it into a private dinner, with some help offered by a spice professional, an exotic tall woman from Zanzibar, and the rest of the group all do their part to transform the room into a sensual and private evening of food, wine, spices, sharing the DJ responsibilities, and, what was pre-planned, which is to all dedicate our evening to sexual service to my wife. We feed her. We listen to her every whim. We touch and suck and lick and massage and ease her guard fully down into the most unrestrained sexual experience of her life.

We evolve into a mass of sensuality, weaving tastes and sex and laughter and music and relaxation into a fully adult, chill night that none of us will ever forget, but promise to do again someday. We mix business and sexual beautifully and are liberated.