The Signal

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

We were twenty years old.
She was large. But as hard as marble.
"When I'll be ready to let you bugger me," she said, "I'll give you a signal."
She was in front of the mirror in the hall of her house. Long hair, raven, soft spirals; slightly protruding eyes; lips swaying under the pressure of the bright red lipstick. Small breasts and huge ass bound by a blue leather skirt.
"Take off my skirt," she said.
Laboriously - she was large and the skirt was tight - I lifted it up to her waist and, over black stockings, in the middle of her white great buttocks, I saw the signal.
A plug topped with a red bow was planted in her ass. Slowly I began to remove it from the little hole and I verified its size. At least twenty centimeters when pulled out , leaving her anus stretched. At that point for my cock it was a game to replace the plug. I was ready for her asshole to welcome me; a few shots and I flooded my juice into her with a quantity of sperm as never seen before.
And while the white thick liquid had started to trickle down her thighs, she continued to make up.