The Sex Harem

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Quiet one

Erotic beauties are living in the Sex Harem, they are there for the ultimate pleasure of the King of Fantasia. The King comes to the Sex Harem whenever he wishes to act out one of his deepest fantasies, those fantasies that he cannot imagine his people to know. There are 6 ladies in the Sex Harem tonight, they know the King is coming tonight and will have his balls full of milky white hot cum to spurt all over them. They have prepared for one of the King's fantasies for tonight. He wants 6 women all dressed in Classical Eastern attire, but they must have no bra or panties underneath, they must all be clean shaven down there and ready to have hot, steamy, raunchy sex where the King takes turns with all 6 women one at a time while the rest allow him to eat out their clits and him play with their tits and nipples. There is Eastern music in the background from India, there is a majestic setting of Eastern ornaments, linen, curtains, dim lighting and a few pools of warm water and jacuzzis where the nympho women sex Goddesses are able to cleanse themselves in bath salts and oils the water is slightly milky in colour and there is some steam rising from the hot water of the pools and jacuzzis. There are mirrors all round the Sex Harem which is of a circular structure with the main bed a master bed capable of fitting all the 6 women and the King. The bed is a revolving bed and whilst they enjoy the sultry sex they are able to watch themselves also in the overhead mirror. When the other girls are not making love to the King, they are bathing in the jacuzzis and having lesbian sex with each other, hotting themselves up for the King. There is a white woman, a black women, an Indian women, a Chinese woman, a European woman and a Latino woman all playing parts of the women of the Sex Harem. The King enters majestically in his robe and gets disrobed by the women one by one and the fun begins with kissing, touching, stroking, playing with bums, tits, and sex with hot milky cum all over.