The seduction of a croquis model

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rudolph

I'm a 60 year old male croquis model. I'm pretty new in this business, which I entered to reclaim my body from decay and chronic disease. I believe that being sex positive also includes elderly gentlemen. I pose for both life drawing and clay sculptures. For beginners and professionals. At galleries, art classes and bachelorette parties. I pose for men and women, young and old. But mostly for women half my age or younger. It's immensely empowering and I get tons of positive feedback. I have always considered myself as a pretty traditional cisman, but I have discovered an exhibitionistic urge, and a desire to perform nude, while challenging my norms. I have this fantasy. I'm hired to perform as a croquis model at a bachelor's party, which turns out to be a same sex marriage and all the guests are rather tipsy men. Before long the bride decides that he wants to pose with me. We start of quite innocently, but soon we are performing very intimate and even erotic poses. The other guys start to cheer at us and the naked bride starts kissing me. He licks my tits and moves further down to give me a blowjob. This is where his groom enters the scene and before long I taste and swallow another man's cock for the first time. The cock which by now is penetrating my anus is also a first try, but it sends some pretty strong signals to my brain that it's not the last time - and little do I know that the second and third time will occur before I leave the party. The bride and groom explode in my anus and mouth at the same time and before I get a chance to clean up the next couple of guys start working on me. I soon realize that I've become the center of a bachelor's orgy. Everyone wants to try me, when they are not working on the other guest. After the initial surprise I engage fully in my first same sex orgy and I willing let them film my excesses with their phones while cheering me. Little do I know that the recordings later will show up on FetLife as a wedding surprise. But at this point I don't care as I know that my next fantasy is to reenact the scenario in a porn movie.