The Secret Room

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Luna

I'm an artist love sparkling things, coloured hair (only women), tattoos and piercings and handyman. I've never done some sort of BDSM but sometimes I've got that fantasy from me and my boyfriend to go very experimental and intense. Nobody is the sub or the dom. It's something between, because we are switching the roles. We were drinking wine or gin and dance together. Because one of us is clumsy the other one get wet. To change the clothes my boyfriend shows me up a room I've never saw before. It was dark and noble. He tell me to sit down and take my clothes off, so he can sketch me. I get wet and can't hold it. I command him to take his clothes off, so i can draw on his skin. We were playing with each other without touching the intime parts. Then he take me, put me in a sex swing and wip me gently. It's pretty intense. We have oral sex, and sex in every sex position. We use some clamp nibbles, a penis pump and some other creative things to penetrate each other. We are playing with each other without getting an orgasm. After that we have passionate sex in a big bed. The lights are colourful, spacy and some sort of mysterious.