The Prisoner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Marques G

I've had this fantasy recently that it was back in the medieval times. I am a prisoner for a very luscious and attractive Queen and King. Held in a dungeon tied at my hands and haven't been fed nor had water for days.

I am to be sentenced for a crime I am guilty of but before I am the Queen and King want to interrogate me personally.

They both walk in. The Queen is wearing a black see-through long dress with her burgundy red cape. The King is wearing black tights with red trim. I have been stripped to down to a pair of ragged undergarments with my cock half way exposed.

The Queen looks at me and says,"Are you ready to confess"? I say no, for I have nothing to confess to. The King says, "You will die if you do not confess". I continue to sate my ground and will not talk. The Queen looks to me and looks me down. She smiles and goes to her husband and whispers in his ear. The Queen then says, "Maybe we can convince you". As she says that she rips off my underwear to expose my cock in full. She and the King smile and both acknowledge that I am fully erect. The both kneel down and they begin to suck my cock whole. They both lick side to side and I moan like crazy. I cannot move and the pleasure feels so amazing its becoming hard to stay still.

They sit up and begin to kiss my body and lips. The queen has a firm grip on my penis as well as the king and she is jerking us both so softly. The king is kissing me all over moaning. The queen then reaches for a knife and cuts me loose. She then props herself on a table and tells us both to come over.

We both kneel down and begin to lick her gently. We pleasure her orally, kissing her body, kissing her vagina, rubbing it softly. She becomes so wet all over my fingers both her and the king suck my fingers dry.

The king goes to her and hands her his cock while I continue to pleasure her with my mouth and tongue.

I then begin to tease her with my cock going in and out of her wet vagina. Se moans louder and then I go fully deep insider her. Thrusting all of myself to her. The kings comes over and thrust my hips more as I'm deeply making love to the queen. I can feel her cumming as my cock is dripping wet from her beautiful pussy juice. The king then bends down and takes my cock all in his mouth. Tasting every bit of his beautiful wife's juice. The king then get's on all fours while the queen begins to guide my cock into him. I thrust him hard but gently. The queen is rubbing her clit and making out with me. This goes on back and fourth for what feels like an life time until we all cum on one another.

After, the Queen looks to me and says, "There maybe a "Private Job" for you here in the kingdom after all...