The Pleasure Doctor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By divanastasia

I don't know what is it about doctors, but since I'm so addicted to Grey's Anatomy where you can see good looking doctors saving lives, I kinda have this fantasy of being with one.

I was helping out at a community event, which was a camp on the beach, as a medical team. Since I don't know that much about medics, and we're still short on personnel, I invited a friend, a doctor to come and lend a hand. I have known him for like 4 years but we never made much contact.

When I met him again, he looked a bit different in a very good way. Like he'd excercised a lot, and had a better style. He had this heavy, sexy voice which is very distracting when he gave me medical training. It was even more distracting when he demonstrated how to carry a patient with all that strength.

On the D-day, we had to stand by constantly. We went in pairs and I purposely made him my partner the whole event. We talked a lot, flirted a bit, and had quite good chemistry.

It was almost sunset on the second day when everyone cleaned themselves from playing on the beach all day, and we took a break from the camp ground, heading to the beach. As we walked along he said that we should go skinny dipping as a joke, but we ended up going to a more secluded place and did it for real.

It was exciting and fun! The first time I'd tried skinny dipping, I was embarrassed at first but after a while I started to enjoy it. We started to made out, hands all over each other. We went back to the shore and hid behind a big rock, he pushed me against the rock, lifted me up, and we started to fuck. We came hard.

Both sat there, leaning on the rock, still naked we watched the sunset. We went back to the camp ground as if nothing happened, nobody knows that I had just made my wild fantasy came true.