The Perfect Stranger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Theflogger

My soon to be wife and I are very sexual and very open to exploring. I am not one to really entertain a third person in the bedroom but I have been having a fantasy of us eating lunch out somewhere and running into another female that we just hit it off with. We invite her to join us and we laugh and have a good time. We order a bottle of wine and sit for a couple hours. We are able to talk openly and eventually my fiancee invites her to join us in bed. We get naked and explore each others bodies with our hands and mouths before we start to fuck. I have no desire to put my cock in the stranger as that is only for my fiancee but I watch those two eat each other out as I fuck her from behind. The stranger wants me inside her but I resist and instead eat out her ass as the two of them kiss. We continue until we are all a sweaty mess and we just lay in bed our bodies entwined as we sleep. When the morning comes we leave the hotel and we go on with our lives never to see the stranger again.