the parallel world theory

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tobibe

i was thinking about the math behind the parallel worlds theory. my mind wondered of about all the possible world. it’s infinite. realising there are plenty of worlds where right now i am having sex with whom ever i dreamed of. if i moved between these worlds, i could get into a constant sex loop. these weren’t dreams. these are realities.

the math aligned. and i could suddenly clearly experience any world. i entered the first. i was having sex with and old colleague on my desk. i fucked her from behind. i came all over her ass. i saw the world i was still together with my first love. she sucked me in the kitchen while i was cooking. my cum dripped of her face. the girl i once met on the train. we ended up together in this one. we were in the middle of a corn field where we fucked. her clothes covered in cum. i saw a world where every girl i ever loved was waiting for me. i positioned them all and fucked them all. the possibilities were endless. every world was available. i saw threesomes. i had sex in cars. on boats. in swimming pools. i met girls i never knew. i had sex i never knew. i had love i never knew.

i never left the parallel worlds. it’s an endless loop of love and sex.