The New Pet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jakky

I'm on a first date with a new, sweet and charming girl, out at a nice little restaurant. We click fast and clearly like each other, when she suddenly proposes we go to her place. A bit surprised, I agree, my heart racing - things usually don't work out that fast for me.
When we arrive at her apartment, I notice a cat-related decoration theme: tasteful hints of animal-print cushions and the like, photographs and paintings of all kinds of cats, plus some erotic art of women and men with non-human, animal-like features. I forget her for a moment, entranced by a specific piece, when I hear her behind me. As I turn to ask a random question, she puts a collar and leash on my neck. "I've been following you online for a while now; you seem to have quite a specific sexual... taste... Works for me, as you might have guessed. Don't speak, you're my pet now! How about we get you dressed for the occasion...?"