The Merger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By powerfulswitch

As an ambitious and assertive young Black woman, I aim to eventually be the CEO of a large company and deftly manage everyone around me. But I am also secretly a switch - depending on the person I meet, I feel a deep desire to be either sweetly submissive or very dominant with a penchant for teasing and humiliation. I fantasize about being the CEO of a company that is being proposed to merge with another company. The CEO of the other company is a calm, cool, and collected man, and we can't stop watching each other and aggressively deepening our interests in the fiery merger debate. But while on the surface we seem to be fierce enemies, in my mind I am thinking of dominating him and him submitting to me. In his mind, he is thinking of the opposite - making me his submissive and dominating me until he gets what he wants. We struggle to remain composed as we both become turned on by our respective fantasies. By the end of the meeting we finally settle the merger....our tension remains palpable, but we never touch.