The man behind the mascot

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lil

At a festival I attended last summer, my friends and I were in a rave tent, dancing, laughing, moving in rhythm to the music under the neon strobe lights. . It was tropical house music I think. It was a sports festival so there were some novelty mascots supporting the team- mainly rugby. I was dancing with this guy who, as a ballsy English rugby players do, was just in his budgy smuggler shorts. The confidence is so sexy. He was behind me and I was grinding in beat, with his hands on my waist. All of a sudden, this muscular guy, wearing only latex mini shorts and his slightly sinister bobcat mascot full coverage mask/ hat locked eyes with me when I was dancing with the other guy. After a short while of constant eye contact he slowly walked up to me, reached out his hand and placed it gently on my throat. Still locking eyes with me (or me locking eyes with his mascots cartoonish, cheeky eyes) , he then tightened his grip so slightly and pressed his body up against mine. He was up pressed against my front, while the other guy, fully aware, was still grinding me from behind. Then the mascot walked away without saying anything. Ever since it has been my fantasy for that to have continued, oblivious to the other ravers behind us, as if their opinions don’t matter. I would imagine the mascot lifting up one leg, me lowering the front of his shorts to expose his penis, and he slowly but somehow passionately slides it in. Still with light pressure on my throat. Lifting my tiny tank top without a bra on, completely exposing my nipples while he pinches them between his fingers. All without a word. All without even seeing his face, he was become my fantasy. Would love for this to be made into a film. The mystery, small fear and confidence in a slightly creepy and out-of-the-comfort zone rave party to a fairly shy girl who’s excited by what’s around her is what I think would make this be so sexy to so many people.