The Lights in her Eyes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By James

People can change with the flick of a switch. Light shows everything. The woman I’m currently sleeping with is younger than me by a few years, I’m twenty-five. She confessed in her sexual encounters, she’s never been taken control of; there has been no real dominant role under her blanket. Of course, like most men I found this intriguing, but I didn’t jump on the generic, “Well, I can dominate you…” I simply said, “let’s see what happens.” When she arrived, she was smiling more mischievously than I’ve ever seen. Her hair, long and brown, and her eyes gleaming with joy behind some glasses - she truly is the epitome of beauty. As we began kissing and stripping each other, I noticed she was being rather forceful. More than I was used to. With the ceiling light still on, she just kept up with her impossibly happy face - giggling between deep kisses. As we stumbled and laughed on our way to the bed, I kicked off the main light, leaving only a layer of colors from some paper lanterns and festive string lights that splattered the room. Oh, her eyes shimmered with each color and that smile turned into an open-mouthed, ecstasy-addicted flame of a woman. She forced me down and began riding me, like if she stopped, she’d never breathe again. When I tried to rub her clit simultaneously, she ripped my arms away, clutching me at my wrists. That was only the beginning. Time went by in a whirl as my clock would eventually tell me: she would choke me, smack me, kiss me, scratch me and in return I would do the same. After a while, we laid side by side. Her shaking body tremoring between my arms with my hand still on her neck, but that smile came back slowly. It was then that I realized I'd met my match. She didn’t need to be dominated. She was the dominant one, and I was lucky enough to enjoy it. Those eyes that changed when I flicked the light off didn’t come back until we cleaned up and decided on grabbing an ice cream. I suppose it’s a fact: everyone has an inner deviant. Some just enjoy showing it more than others.