The Kitchen Table

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Full Bloom

I’ve had a long time fantasy about having one cock in my pussy and another in my mouth. This one takes place at a cabin. I’m with a boyfriend who I’ve had for just a couple months, so the sex is in that super hot discovery phase. He invites me to a cabin in the mountains for the weekend. Says bring your girlfriend and I’ll tell my buddy to come. He is getting over a breakup and could use a distraction. My friend gets sick and bails at the last minute. My beau and I get to the cabin first and he fucks me in the sunshine on the stairs. I can tell it’s gonna be a good weekend. Then his gorgeous, well hung friend shows up and it’s only the three of us. That night, we make a delicious dinner and finish two bottles of wine between the three of us. After much good conversation, food and laughter, my beaus friend retires to his room. I start sucking my boyfriends cock and then we start going at it on the couch in the living room. We are both a little drunk so we forget that we are being loud. His friend is lying there in the dark, his dick getting progressively harder. Finally he can’t take it anymore. He comes out of his room to find that my boyfriend has put me up on the kitchen table, has his cock deep in me, and is giving me my first big orgasm. His friend can’t resist and comes over and gently puts his rock hard cock in my mouth. The two of them pleasure me for the next hour. They switch back and forth and I get to taste my pussy on both of their cocks. I have orgasm after orgasm till I can’t take it anymore and neither of them can either. We all climax at once. My boyfriend in my pussy and his friend all over my tits and in my mouth.