The House Wins

A Sexual Fantasy

— By The House

I have a fantasy that my crush and I are the last remaining players in a game of poker. She's cocky, confident. A gorgeous young lady. Her boyfriend sits beside her, supportive.
 I goad her into betting more and more. I have more chips. But she has something I want more. I bet until she can no longer call. Over-confidently, ignoring her disapproving boyfriend, she bets her body with a sultry wink. If I win, she's mine for the night. If I lose, she gains a considerable amount of money.
 She loses. Her boyfriend offers cash. I refuse. She consoles him. Tells him it's fine, and that she'll honour the bet. She sends him home.
 Something about the thought of her hesitation but commitment to the bet drives me crazy! The thought of "you can have me, and I'll enjoy it, but I'm going to do my best to hide it" has a certain allure to it.
 The obligation to do as I ask, the rolled eyes as she sucks my dick, the feigned disdain as I eat her out, the shy smile and restrained moans as I fuck her.
 We spend the night between the sheets, using her in as many ways as I can, in as many positions as we can, with as many toys as we can.
 I fuck her and fuck her until she can no longer hide that she's enjoying it.
 By early morning, she is grinning ear to ear, soaking wet, moans ringing through the walls, calling my name, begging for more.