The Gala

A Sexual Fantasy

— By C&K

My domme and I live in different cities. We often talk about the different fantasies we are going to experience together when we meet up. This is one of our favorites. The fantasy begins in our high-end hotel room in NYC. I step out of the shower, into the bedroom where she is waiting with a sly and devious, yet playful grin on her face. Excitedly, she motions to the bed, where she has laid out a beautiful black lace lingerie set. Stockings, garter belt, panties, and bustier - all made to my measurements and ready for me. Moisturizing my entire, clean body, she does not miss an inch. Then, she begins to dress me in the lingerie. Carefully making sure that everything is adjusted properly and I’m comfortable. When everything is in place, I admire myself in the mirror. I love the way the lingerie hugs my body, accentuates my lean figure, and how my skin looks so soft and sexy. Next, I finish the rest of my outfit - a tux and bow tie. We are attending a gala. No one except us will know what I am really wearing. It is our little secret. I watch my Domme as she puts the finishing details on her attire. She is wearing a gorgeous floor length gown this evening - classic satin black with heels, even though she’s already over 6’. We make the perfect couple, walking through the grand entrance, arms interlocked. Throughout the evening, she continuously teases me, whispering in my ear about how pretty I looked earlier as she dressed me in my lingerie. "I wonder if he would like to see what you are wearing under that dapper tux, sweetie", she whispered breathily into my ear as I struggle to not blush. "Who was that? She is gorgeous. I bet she would never guess you are wearing sexier panties than she is", she playfully toyed with me after I finished a conversation with one of the other attendees. After a glitzy evening of canapes, far too many drinks, live auctions, mingling and chatting, we head back to our hotel thoroughly having enjoyed our evening. Once in our room, I dutifully help her out of her gown, then stand obediently, waiting for instruction. She proceeds to slowly undress me, toying with the edges and swirls of my lingerie gleefully enjoying watching my body react with goosebumps. Now only in my lingerie, she pushes me onto the bed, tying up my hands to the bed-frame. After blindfolding me with a satin eye cover, she disappears. After several minutes I can feel her climb on top of the bed, straddling me, she tells me how good I was tonight, before proceeding to apply her same red lipstick to my pouty lips. "There, that is better," she says before passionately kissing me and then pulling back only to replace her lips with her strap-on. "Go ahead Katie, suck my cock like we both know you love too", she urges, pushing it into my eager mouth. Finally, removing my eye covers, pressing her strap-on cock against my ass, toying with me with one of her "melt me" smiles, she says, "time to make my Katie the belle of the ball."