The Future Is Female

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sexykinkybeauty

Women are in control in this future. This is a future where women are powerful: in this feminist sexual future, female sexuality is admired, worshiped, dominant and powerful. Women have supremacy, female authority and female sexual power. Women have sexual freedom. Men are controlled or manipulated (by want), or unattached by choice, by desire, by society. After a feminist sexual revolution, this is the female future. The future is female. The future is female sexual power. A married hetero couple are living in a female led relationship. She is in charge and he follows her lead. They live together in a loving relationship, but she likes to play and she likes to tease. And she likes to be dominant. She controls her submissive husband with a whip and handcuffs (sometimes) but also with chastity and pussy worship. There are days of pussy worship and nights of female sexual liberation. There may be strap-on dildo nights and femdom weekends. But she always holds the key to her husband's cock. She locks it up. Her husband willingly surrenders his cock to her control. He worships her femininity, and he submits to her sexual power.............