The exercise bike

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Red beard lover

A few years ago I met a guy while traveling. We didn't get to spend more than a few days together but those were a lovely few days. We keep in touch, on and off, even though we live on opposites sides of the world. Often we write erotic fantasies to each other, things we wished we would have done while we were together and that we want to do to each other now. This is one of our latest fantasies that I want to share with him and you:
I'm sitting on a exercise bike working up a sweat in the living room, only wearing a pair of panties and a sports bra. He walks into the room with a beer in his hand. Without saying a word he sits down on the floor behind me admiring me as I continue pedaling. I feel his eyes on me, on my behind. At the beginning I continue to paddle, maybe quickening my pace. I start moving in the saddle knowing his watching. I lift my ass and sit down again so he can see all of my bum, teasing him, wanting him to want me. 
He gets up and walks up behind me. He puts his hand on my moving hips and starts to caress me. One of his hands removes the hair from my neck and he kisses me, sending shivers down my spine. I can feel his red beard tickle me below his lips. I try to keep my pace but it's getting hard to concentrate on something other than him. He removes my sports bra, fondling my breasts. My nipples get hard from his touch. He carefully bites the back of my neck, I moan and he answers by biting harder. One of his hands makes its way over my stomach before reaching the edge of my panties. His fingers go inside longingly meeting my wet pussy. I lean back in to him so that he can better reach me. My hand goes back to him grabbing him for support while his fingers go inside me. My feet have stopped moving and I can feel how my orgasm isn't far away. 
He stops and I hear him undoing his belt and unbottoning his jeans. He comes up in front of me and I meet his gaze as he lifts me off the bike. His eyes are hungry and there is a fire in them. He puts me down on the sofa, tears off my panties and he enters me. We come together after only a little while, panting and smiling as my lips meet his. 
To William - One day I hope to be touched by you again.