The Door Knock Surprise

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sacrilicious_delicious

I will preface my fantasy by saying I'm not religious at all and identify as an atheist, but I have this one wild fantasy that's a little bit sacrilegious. In my fantasy I'm sitting at home in my beautiful suburban house. I'm wearing a lovely long silk robe with nothing under, and I'm sipping my morning coffee on the sofa, with the warm sun streaming in. Two young (Mormon?) men in their mid 20's ring the doorbell, they are here to spread the word of Jesus. They may be younger, but they are certainly fully grown, both clean cut and wholesome as apple pie, with lovely smiles. They very politely hold up Bibles and ask if I would like to hear the good word of our Lord? I say yes I would, and I step back to invite them in. They sit down together on the sofa opposite me. They begin to talk about some scripture and I sip my coffee. I cross my legs one way, then the other. The robe sort of rides up exposing a lot of leg. Then I lean forward and I see them looking, but they are trying not to look, I'm putting on a bit of a show. They are trying very hard to concentrate on their Bibles, but I see that underneath the books they are holding on their laps, their pants are bulging. I say something like "Thank you, I've learned so much. Maybe I could teach you something, if you like?" They both agree. First of all I teach them both about kissing. They are very good, enthusiastic students. Then I teach them both how to caress and touch a woman's body. They are both so grateful. I teach them how to go down on a woman properly, they both get an A+. I finish off by giving them each a hand/blowjob. We all lie on the rug together after, it feels like a beautiful, almost spiritual moment, almost like we are in heaven.