The Couple Friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By thefriend

I'm a male friend to a couple. She is stunningly hot and when at their place I always used to fantasize about having sex with her. I was watching tv at their place, movie on, and she and her boyfriend next to me. A sex scene came on TV and I became hard. At the same time she passed her hand over me to grab the tv remote from the other side and she accidentally touched my erect cock. She looked at me, right into my eyes and covered us with a sheet. She started touching me and stroking my cock hard over the clothes and I reciprocated. When I did, I met her boyfriend's hand on her pussy. It was then when she knew. It was her fantasy too. We slept together that evening and whilst she allowed her boyfriend to come inside her, she wanted her face covered in me. We did it again the following day but in the shower. This is still our little secret. shhhh!