The Champ

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Marques G

I am a boxer. I just had an amazing fight that lasted 10 rounds in which I won. My girlfriend was in the crowd cheering me on. I was feeling amazing, all the adrenaline running wild I had never felt so good. As I was in my locker room, my girlfriend came back and gave me a long amazing kiss and told me she would be waiting at our hotel. After a couple hours of interviews and getting dressed I made it back to my hotel. The front desk clerk gave me a small clap and congratulated me on a good fight. I made it back to my room where my girlfriend was laying on the couch. She was wearing this sexy lingerie. Candles everywhere the setting was beautiful. She told me to come closer to her as I did. I kissed her long and hard. We kissed for a long while until I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. As I looked over I see another woman who bent down and started to kiss me long and hard. My girlfriend smiling ear to ear. She crawls over and whispers in my ear "congratulations". As she says that the other woman begins to remove my pants as my girlfriend is kissing me. I can feel the lushes lips sprawl on my cock. I can feel her jerking and spitting all over. My girlfriend kisses my body top to bottom and then joins the other woman as they both suck my cock of every inch. As I look down to see them both licking up and down my shaft and down to my balls. My girlfriend comes up and takes my cock and guides it into the other woman. As I start to lay myself into her thrusting soft and gentle, I can feel my girlfriend behind grabbing my ass helping me thrust my hard cock into her wet pussy. She takes my cock and jerks it up and down while I'm fucking the other woman. The other woman moans load. She tells me "I can feel your cock throbbing". She knows I'm ready to cum. My girlfriend then takes my cock and jerks me off. I can feel it ready to explode. As I do she feeds my cum to the other woman while I'm oozing out my white spunk. The sweat dripping on all of us. They both give me one last hard suck to get everything out. All I can think is "man win, loose or draw, I love being a boxer".