The Center of Attention

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kemper107

I’ve recently wondered what it would be like to be taken by two people at the same time. Not just to have a threesome, but to be greedy and have both of them focused on me primarily. To have two different sets of hands, two different bodies moving against me. To be filled in two places at once.

We have a good friend who stays with us a few times a year. Both my husband and I have been intimate with her before we got married, but never together. She is adventurous, outgoing, slightly dominant; I am shy and submissive.

More and more often when she talks about being around I think about her leading us to a new place. Kissing me on the couch before revealing a toy hidden under her dress. Taking her time with just me, re-introducing me to everything she knows how to do. Beckoning my husband as I catch my breath and working with him to teach me what it’s like being at the center.