The Business Meeting

A Sexual Fantasy

— By senorladron

Sure, I do find my boss attractive. But I must admit that I am even more attracted to the fact that she is my boss; a woman with power to give me commands. And the other day, when another woman with power came in to the office, my fantasies went wild... My boss, Laura, had warned us about this meeting many days in advance. “Make sure your desks are tidy on Thursday, I want to give Mrs. DiGovanni the absolute best impression of our company - I’m not losing this deal!” Laura said in a strict tone. So, we were all eagerly awaiting her arrival that day, like it was the Queen herself who was coming. I was standing by the coffee machine when they came by, laughing and talking, their high heels clamping. I smiled politely and said hello to Mrs. DiGovanni, but as I turned to the coffee machine I swear I could feel her eyes on my bum! So, I turned my head again as they walk passed me, and I could see that Mrs. DiGovanni was whispering something in Laura’s ear. “I know!” Laura says and laughs.
Were they talking about me?!
This is where my fantasy takes over. Later that evening, back from the gym, I receive a text from Laura. “James, I need you to work late tonight. Mrs. DiGovanni specifically asked for you to join us in finishing the details of our business agreement. Meet us at the bar at Crowne Plaza Hotel at 9pm. Do not disappoint me.”
I have no other choice than to obey…