teased, locked and used...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zero

My wife tells me to lie back, hands above my head. She ties my hands to the head of the bed. She is now on top, straddling my thighs; she moves back and slowly slips off my briefs. I'm already hard; she begins to slow tease my hard cock, slowly at first, then faster as she picks up each and every moan. She brings me right to the edge. And stops. She does it again, right to the edge of orgasm, just about to spurt. she stops. Once more, she does it, right to the edge, and this time she stops, leans into my face, and whispers... "Oh baby, you aren't cumming tonight." She reaches into the drawer and pulls out a steel chastity cage... unlocks it, and allows my bulging cock to go soft. She slips the tiny cock cage on, and locks it tight. Puts the key on her necklace. Then climbs up toward the head of the bed, positions her pussy over my face, and begins to ride, slow and soft at first, then harder, faster to the point where she cums, riding deep onto my face, my cock straining to grow in its tiny cage, and leaking precum from the excitement. She gets up and walks away, leaving me locked and tied as she slips into the shower.