A Team of Three

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hopeful

My girlfriend has a close friend with whom she shares everything. Most recently they have both shared their desire for an additional relationship with another girl whilst also seeing a guy. This is something my girlfriend and I have spoken about, but admit that the reality of that would be hard to come by. However, hearing about their honest and intimate conversations and watching my partner blush whenever I tease her about her crush, it seems clear that theyre interested in each other, and I can only hope and wish that they give in to what they seem to want.

More recently, I've also taken an interest in her. She's relaxed, natural and down to earth, with a witty sense of humour to boot.

Most recently, there's a flirtatious tone to our chats. We goad each other, teasing, like children at school, joking and arguing. There are stolen glances, caught smiles. More and more, I'm starting to think, and hope, that their dream of a three-person relationship could be reality.

She visits us more and more, coming round for drinks, talking until the early hours until she has to trek back home.

I dream of a night, not far from now, that we ask her to stay.

Retreating to the bedroom, giggling as we undress each other.

Kissing and caressing, gently, softly, playfully.

Legs and feet entwined, hands exploring, huddled beneath the covers.

All of our wishes fulfilled, all our desires, wants, needs, attended to, sated, explored.

Shared and happily indulged.

A team of three, eager to please.